Workshop Sistem Informasi Desa Dan Kawasan (SiDeKa) Desa Fatuana, Kecamatan Insana


Sharing public information is the obligation of public bodies that is mandated by Law No. 14 of 2008 concerning Freedom of Public Information. Public bodies must build and develop systems information and documentation to manage public information well and efficientlyso that it can be easy for accessed , strengthened again in Law No. 6 of 2014 Article 82 (4)which reads the village government must inform planning and implementation Village Medium Term Development Plan, Village Government Work Plan, and Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget to Village communities through information servicesto the public and report it at the Village Conference at least 1 (one) year once.The purpose of this service is to train village officials to use SiDeKa as a one of the media that can encourage the emergence of four (4) types of novelty namely:awareness, skills, habits and governance of the Village Information System for village government.This community service activity is carried out in three stages. The first stage is a location survey and distribution of ICT understanding questionnaires at the apparatus levelvillage. The second stage is testing equipment availability and internet network on location, and the Third Stage is the SiDeKa workshop for devices Fatuana village. All activities located at the Sekon Village office, Insana Subdistrict. The reality in the location is that there are still many people with minimal knowledge use information technology devices related to responsibilities as the village apparatus in documenting all village administration data. Head of the village up to the heads of affairs (Kaur) and the accompanying staff of the village of Fatuana face many problems related to the lack of computer and internet network facilities and low skills of the ability to use computers in collaborating all village data from various sectors to support development decision making village. This Village and Regional Information System (SiDeKa) workshop activity provideshuge benefits for the Fatuana village in organizing the database coordinated villages using the help of IT-based systems