PKM Kelompok Tani Tan Selo 1 dan Tan Selo 2 Desa Sukomaju Kecamatan Srono Kabupaten Banyuwangi Jawa Timur dalam Meningkatkan Nilai Ekonomis Pisang dan Strategi Pemasarannya


Banyuwangi Regency is one of the agricultural centers in East Java province and Indonesia. Mostly, Banyuwangi people work as farmers due to the fertil soil and wide amount of agricultural land in Banyuwangi . The large number of people who work as farmers initiating the formation of farmer groups. One of the farmer groups in the Srono sub-district of Banyuwangi is the "Tan Selo 1" farmers group located in the village of Sukomaju and the "Tan Selo 2" farmers group in Sukonatar village. The normal average price of one banana bunch in Banyuwangi is between 50-60 thousand depending on the type and quality of bananas. Problems arise when the quantity of bananas in the market arose, the price of 1 bunch of bananas decreases dramatically. The price of 1 bunch which is usually set at 50-60 thousand drops drastically to only 20-30 thousand. This is certainly a problem for farmers in the Tan Selo group. The lack of knowledge of Tan Selo farmers about alternative variants of processed banana based products and the lack of knowledge of the marketing strategies make it hard for the Tan Selo farmers to increase the economic value of bananas which have been used as an alternative income for farmers. Therefore, the solutions offered to overcome the problems of farmers include: equipping and improving farmers' knowledge about the variety of processed banana-based foods and their marketing strategies, conducting training to make variations on banana-based foods, conducting training on effective marketing strategies. Overall, a series of community service programs were carried out perfectly as it expected. The percentage of participants' understanding in choosing high quality bananas is 85%, the percentage of participants’ ability in processing banana-based foods is 86%, and percentage of participants who successfully sell processed food products by utilizing online shopping sites is 70%