ULAMA INDONESIA KONTEMPORER (Peran, Tipologi, dan Pemikiran)


<p><strong><em>A</em></strong><strong><em>bstra</em></strong><strong><em>ct</em></strong></p> <p><em>This article will review the Typology of Indonesian Ulama in the Contemporary era. Indeed, the understanding of the ulama itself leaves various interpretations of meaning. In fact, some circles argue that the ulama is a term or title that is equated with the term, for example: Kyai if in the Java region, Teuku is in the Aceh region, Tuan Guru is in the Bima region, and other terms. In general, scholars are a term for those who have the ability to understand a science. In this case what is meant by science is the science of religion which covers various scientific disciplines. However, further this paper reviews Indonesian scholars in the contemporary era. Who are among the contemporary Indonesian scholars and how is the typology or grouping of Indonesian Ulama more specific.</em><em> </em><em></em></p> <strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong><em> Ulama, Contemporary, Thought, Typology</em>