Tren Kajian Komunikasi Islam di Indonesia


The study of Islamic Communication and Broadcasting is faced with the increasing of the development of information technology. The paradigm of this study has a tendency to focus on da’wah studies. Therefore, mapping the research focus of this field of study becomes very necessary to find out the current trends and bring up alternatives. The study was conducted with a literature review approach to 11 journals published by the Islamic Communication and Broadcasting departments in Indonesia. There were 581 articles being the subject of research. Each article is mapped based on: 1) the theme and subject; 2) the method of data collection; 3) the approach or theory; and 4) the reference. As a result, da’wah is the mostly used theme in the articles that published in various platforms, e.g. printed media, electronic media, online media as well as social media. The study of Islamic communication and broadcasting have succeeded in opening a new branch of the communication studies’ paradigm indicated by the enrichment of theories of communication and broadcasting through research in da'wah studies.