Analysis of Profitability Performance Based on the Problem Financing Sector in BPRS in Bekasi City


This study aims to determine the effect of problematic financing on profitability in Sharia People's Financing Banks (BPRS) in the City of Bekasi and the efforts of the management of the Islamic People's Financing Bank (BPRS) in Bekasi City in overcoming problematic financing. This research is "qualitative" namely research that studies a number of information relating to financing. To process data in this study using quantitative analysis in the form of Simple Regression analysis (Likert scale), and Coefficient of Determination Test (R2) with SPSS version 23.00. The results of data processing by researchers have the value of validity and reliability can be used as the basis for retrieval of data, and the results of simple regression analysis with r square of 0.047. shows that H0 is accepted which shows that there is no significant effect of Non Performing Financing on Profit in BPRS in Bekasi City.