Perbandingan Sistem Permodalan Konvensional dan Syariah Terhadap Pedagang Pasar Sentral Watampone dalam Pengembangan Usaha


This study aims to find out how the comparison of conventional and sharia capital systems in business development. The author also examines the advantages and disadvantages of conventional and sharia capital. They are entitled to get a capital loan in accordance with the terms and agreements between the bank and the customer for the next stage. Traders have the right to what they want, whether they will be so-so or will develop their business with loan capital provided by the bank. The results of this study indicate that the capital system provided by bank financial institutions can help develop the merchant business, between conventional banks and Islamic banks have similarities and differences in providing loan capital to traders where banks use interest from these loans while Islamic banks use profit sharing not many sword owners choose a capital system with banks that use interest systems because conventional banks do not complicate customers differently than more complicated Islamic banks. So that people choose conventional banks that are already evident in the al-qur'an that interest equals usury.