Perilaku Konsumsi Impulsive Buying Perspektif Imam Al-Ghazali


Satisfaction in fulfilling all needs becomes a measure of one's happiness. The term that appears lately is "I'm shopping, then I'm there" (Emo Ergo Sum), as an affirmation of human existence that is sometimes without reason. Shopping is an endless human need. Consumption behavior is no longer to meet needs but as a lifestyle or way of life. Herein lies the consumption in the sense of changing the consumption that is "needed" into consumption that is "desirable". A person's motivation to spend is no longer to fulfill basic human needs, but rather their identity. This proves that the culture of consumerism has changed the pattern of human life today. Impulsive buying or unplanned purchas behaviors in the sense of unplanned purchases that lead to irrationalism are commonplace. This paper aims to conduct an in-depth analysis of consumer behavior of modern impulsive buying according to Islamic views, in this case the author specifically reviews the economic thinking of Al-Gazali priests. The conclusion of this study is to lay the foundation of the life of a Muslim in achieving the goal of salvation in the afterlife. As for one way to achieve the goal of the Hereafter by carrying out consumption activities based on Islamic sharia.