Model Pembelajaran E-Learning Berbantuan Aplikasi Education Edmodo dalam Meningkatkan Pemahaman Konsep Matematis


The method used in this research is quantitative method with research type of quasi-experiment.  The research design used was pretest-posttest only, non-equivalent kontrol group design. The sampling of the research uses random sampling technique. The data analysis uses sample not-correlated t-test. This research aims to know the effect of e-learning model by using Edmodo educational application to improve the ability of mathematical concepts understanding of the learners. Analysis of data using sample t-test did not correlate. The results obtained Tarithmetic ≥ Ttable = 2.306 ≥ 1.998 , the results showed that the average ability of understanding the mathematical concepts of learners that applied e-learning learning model using Edmodo better and improved. Then it can be concluded that the e-learning using Edmodo has an effect on the ability to understand the mathematical concepts of the learners.