Video Pembelajaran Matematika Berbasis Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 Berbantuan Blender 3D


Media video learning is one of the innovations commonly used as a medium of learning mathematics. This study aims to develop a medium of learning mathematics through software program Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Blender 3D assisted in learning mathematics. Research and development method using ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation). Data collection techniques used are questionnaire validation experts and questionnaire responses of students. The results obtained research and development is a media-based video learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 in learning mathematics. Validation is done to the experts with the results of the material experts earned an average score of 3.4, validation by media experts 3.76 as well as valiadation by linguists 3.61 each result on very reasonable criteria. While the product test results on a small scale test scored an average of 3.50 and a large-scale test obtained an average score of 3.40 with each criterion is very interesting. Based on this, the Microsoft Powerpoint 2016-based mathematics video with Blender 3D is feasible and very interesting to use as a medium of mathematics learning.