Halaqah tarbiyah is a source of energy for god preacher. The place of the preachers in the way of Allah absorbs the energy of ruhi to then channel or reflect back its light into the midst of society in the form of moral example, exclamation of goodness, and prevention of various bad morals. A da'i in halaqah tarbiyah is like a light bulb that receives and absorbs electrical energy from an installed electrical substation, to illuminate people's lives. A preacher is a light bulb that illuminates the dark darkness of life, changes the conditions which are covered in ignorance to become a civilized society, and destroys bad morals behavior to bring people to moral glory and high manners. For god preacher, halaqah tarbiyah is a necessity. An attempt for a dai not to be trapped in the waves of infiradhi preaching. A guard of a preacher to not fall into the comfort zone of preaching in solitude. An effort for a dai to not be sedated with icons from celebrities, preaching euphoria of fame, preaching full of worldly entertainment, and drowning in excessive popularity. An effort to protect yourself to the furthest from the ujub (pride) and to be amazed by the admirers. This is a way for a god preacher to always maintain sincerity, patience, piety, and trust in Him.   key word : urgensi halaqah, tarbiyah, akselerasi dakwah