DINAMIKA POLITIK ISLAM DI INDONESIA Pra Kemerdekaan sampai Indonesia Merdeka


Writing scientific journals have raised issues about the struggle of Islamic organizations in the fight for Islam as the ideology of the nation, why Islamic ideology championed by Muslim organizations can be defeated and what are the causes of the defeat of Islamic organizations in the fight for Islam as the state.The results of this journal study found that: (1) The struggle carried out by Islamic organizations in the filed of Islam as the state is already evident as seen in BPUPKI finally come to a mutual agreement that the Jakarta Charter, and again in the Constituent Assembly. This is done By Muslims even though they are aware of the least support in the assembly. However, they still fight for their aspirations as much as possible even though in the end they will have to recognize and support the implementation of Pancasila as the foundation of this nation. (2) One of the achievements of Islamic groups in the struggle for Islam as the state ideology is the birth of the Jakarta Charter contained therein "Godhead, with the obligation to enforce Sharia Law for adherents". But a day after Indonesia Merdeka words were eliminated because of many reasons. This policy was carried out in order to maintain the unity and integrity of newly independent Indonesia. (3) The cause of the defeat of the ideology of Islamic organizations is the Islamic group has dilobby advance by Mohammad Hatta on the morning of August 18, 1945 prior to the meeting. Moreover, instead of the Deity said later added the Almighty said that according to Islamic groups is another name for the word of monotheism in Islam. Because only Islam that knows the "Oneness of God". because the state of the situation and the conditions faced by the country is still in danger, where Allied troops still surround us and will return the Netherlands to Indonesia to be colonized again this beloved country. As for the army of Dai Nippon still complete control of this homeland.