Sistem Pengolahan arsip di kantor kecamatan Ilir Timur III Palembang


Archive management is an important aspect in an organization, both business and government organizations. Increasing the volume of work of an organization, causes an increase in the number of records produced. The increasing number of archives over time, requires good handling so that the information contained in the archive can be found quickly and precisely. Archiving is a very important part of office work. Archiving is needed in the implementation of office activities because the archive is the memory center for every activity in the office. However, in handling the archives at the Palembang City Government Office, Ilir Timur Tiga District is still inefficient because it still implements conventional information systems and takes a lot of time for information retrieval. This study aims to determine the management of existing records in the office of Ilir Timur sub-district. Data collection uses observation and interview techniques. The results of this study are that management of records management has not been completely transferred to media into electronic archives. It is hoped that in the future it can be completely transferred from the manual archive to an electronic archive. It is expected that staff in the special archives section at the office of Ilir Timur Subdistrict in Palembang to be able to manage records effectively and efficiently by using electronic media in archiving management will obtain the benefits of speed, convenience and accuracy of invoices