Solusi Konflik Sosial dalam Perspektif al-Qur’an


Social life, if scrutiny is the main component of interaction between the members. In connection with the interaction among members was found various types. The types of social interaction in general include: cooperative (co-operation), competition (competition) and conflict (contention). In everyday social life seems besides characterized by cooperation, constantly marred by various forms of competition and conflict. Even in social life has never been found all citizens of all time cooperative. The teachings of Islam (al-Qur’an) has been tested in the history of the Prophet in unifying the Aus and Kasraj, warring for hundreds of years. Conflict and human, these two are inseparable. Therefore, conflict is a part of a necessity in life (min lawazim al-hayat) human. It is not excessive if some experts say that human history is a history of conflict. But that does not mean that the conflict left without any attempt to manage and mute. So this paper attempts to explore the spirit to manageand reduce conflicts and solutions in the perspective of the Koran.