Fiqh Renewal of Gamal Al-Banna and Its Relevance of Fiqh Developments in Indonesia


This research is based on library research which is intended to examine the fiqh renewal of Gamal al-Banna. He is one of Hasan al-Banna’s brothers. In this research, there will be some questions. First, how the fiqh view of Gamal al-Banna is, second, how the social and political biography that surrounds Gamal al-Banna’s life is, and third, how its relevance with the fiqh developments in Indonesia is. This study is using qualitative research method of content analysis and historical approach, in which the content analysis is to read the books and data associated with the idea of Gamal al-Banna, while the historical approach is to read how the scope and biographies in the Gamal al-Banna environment are. The results of this study are first, Gamal al-Banna has fiqh renewal which is more moderate than his brother Hasan Al-Banna, second, the biography of Gamal al-Banna is identified and third, the relevance of Gamal al-Banna’s fiqh renewal to the development of fiqh renewal in Indonesia is found.