Menjadi Islam Nusantara yang Unggul (Studi atas Kitab alMinhah al-Khairiyah Karya Mahfuzh at-Tarmasi)


This paper introduces the work of Mahfuzh at-Tarmasi (d. 1920 M) in the field of hadith, entitled al-Minhah al-Khairiyah fi Arba’in Haditsan min Ahaditsu Khair alBariyah, known as Arba’in at-Tarmasi. This book contains 40 hadiths written musalsal (genealogically) originating from Kutub al-Sittah and Tsulatsiyat al-Bukhari. This is based on the hadith practice on the virtue of gathering 40 hadiths of Nabawi. Interestingly, the main themes carried by this book focused on four things: aqidah (theology), ubudiyah (worship), mu’amalah (social relations) and siyasah (political strategies). These four things are important pillars in the reality of the life of Nusantara Muslim communities, considering that the period in Indonesia was experiencing colonialism by Dutch imperialism. At-Tarmasi (d. 1920 M) reminded of the importance of studying the pillars directly from the source.