Diskursus Civil Society dalam Perspektif Filsafat Barat dan Islam


The discourse about the development of civil society in the West and civil society in the Islamic world, and its relationship with the concept of ummah is a topic that continues to gain attention. Proponents of democracy generally regard civil society as one of the preconditions that must exist (Necessary condition) and adequacy (sufficient condition) for the growth and development process of democratization. Civil society in the West is placed outside of the country, while in Islamic discourse civil society is closely related to the concept of ummah, because the word "community" in Islam is referred to by the term "ummah". Because Islam is also regarded by most adherents including din wa daulah, and they define the ummah as an Islamic state. Others understand the ummah as "Islamic society". No sort of tug of war between the adherents of "Islamic State" and "Islamic Society." This paper will examines the conceptual distinctions about the discourse of civil society in the tradition of Western philosophy and the concept of "Ummah" in Islam.