Menelaah Teori Anti-Sinonimitas Bintu Al-Syathi’ sebagai Kritik terhadap Digital Literate Muslims Generation


The flexibility in using digital media as a result of the incessant era of globalization is a phenomenon which cannot be avoided at this time. This phenomenon also has implications for the realm of religion where there are many al-Qur’an and translation applications that are called new mushaf. The existence of this new mushaf, also has an impact on the formation of a new Muslim generation which by Muhammad Sahal Sobirin is called Digital Literate Muslims Generation, a generation of Muslims who depend on the use of al-Qur’an and translation applications. In order to respond to this phenomenon, this article was prepared by emphasizing aspects of i’jazal-Qur’an based on the theory of la taradufa fi al-Qur’an in Aisyah Abdur Rahman bintu Syathi’s perspective, as an affirmation of the complexity of the divine message of al-Qur’an that cannot be achieved only by understanding translation.