Dari Ibrahim M. Abu Rabi’ tentang Problematika Studi Islam Kontemporer


The dynamic of thought, study, and learning is a necessity. The interaction of subjects and objects, added by some problems which are being or have occurred and the challenges that will be faced become the reasons for this dynamic. It is not a problem if perspectives, approaches or scientific paradigm have shifted significantly later. Islamic study formulated in the Ulum al-din, al-Fikr al-Islamy or Dirasat Islamiyyah is ideally always dynamic and evolving as a study in general. Despite of the various problems faced by Muslims today, Ibrahim M. Abu Rabi ‘(hereinafter typed Abu Rabi’) found no significant development of Islamic studies. Stagnation of Islamic studies at least can be found in the various elements. Through the study of Islamic thought history, Abu Rabi’ tried to uncover the “disease” which was lull. Then, he tried to resuscitate the intellectuals to fully understand the role and function inencouraging Islamic studies with a scientific perspective developing at this time. The issue becoming increasingly complex cannot be explained satisfactorily by the classical Ulum al-Din theory which is only focused on text, especially only a portion of the text. Halal and haram for example are felt helpless facing increasingly varied social problems. Islamic studies would not want to open and open up to the disciplines of science, not mono-dicipline.