Competitiveness Analysis of Indonesian Fishery Products in ASEAN and Canadian Markets


This study aimed to analyze the competitiveness of Indonesian fishery products in the ASEAN and Canada markets. The method used was Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA), Export Product Dynamic (EPD), and X-Model product export potential. The research showed that Vietnam and Canada had a similar level of export structure to Indonesia in the ASEAN market so that Indonesia would have a high competition with both countries. Indonesian fishery products showed a high competitiveness in the export destination markets, except Philippines and Canada. The market position of Indonesian fishery products in Philippines, Thailand and Canadian markets was in the rising star and lost opportunity. These countries also showed as an optimist and potential market for Indonesian fishery products. The policy implication is that government and private sector need to prioritize the export of fishery products to Thailand, Philippines and Canada by improving the product competitiveness through quality improvement and production cost efficiency