Responsibility of child Education represent the responsibility with between parent, school and governmental both for concerning problem of science and also religion education to protege. Because both will form the character and child personality in course of its life growth. Without existence of process of study of character and behavior personality will bring the good negative impact at child x'self byself and at its environment. Approach in construction of child behavior can use the approach persuasif, this approach persuasif can create the friendliness of  parent with the child. With the this approach persuasif is child easy to accept and comprehend the advise from parent, so that application with the good behaviour and deed in all day long child. Method in construction of child behavior can use the byword method, like byword Rasulullah and all friend, on the chance of byword child can in aspect of attitude and deed all day long its. applying of Approach and method of construction of child behavior affect positive, because method and approach used relevant and as according to child condition