Model Elaborasi Kognitif Siswa dalam Proses Abstraksi Prinsip dan Konsep Matematika Ruang Dimensi Dua di Kelas XI Teknik Las SMKN 1 Curup


This study aimed to describe the Cognitive Elaboration Model Students In The Process Of Abstraction Concepts And Principles Of Mathematics Two-Dimensional Space In Class Xi Technique Las SMKN1 Curup. This study used a qualitative approach. The subjects were students of class XI Technique Las SMK 1 Curup. The main instrument is the researcher guided the students' abilities test sheets and sheets interview guide. Data were analyzed through three stages of data reduction, data presentation and conclusion. Decryption of students in the process of elaboration of the model abstraction mathematical concept of two-dimensional space:Model Recognizing; Students clearly recognize the shapes of two-dimensional space, students can understand the definition of a two-dimensional geometrical objects of a given two-dimensional space, and based on the information that the student has previously obtained. students can determine the objects that constitute the two-dimensional geometry and not the two-dimensional geometry. Students can find the principle of the wake - wake up a two-dimensional space and linking these results with the information stored in the memory of the student. Model Building With; Students can find the relationships of concepts and principles of two-dimensional geometry by analyzing the images of objects are two-dimensional geometry. Model Contracting; Concepts students know what to use, and to know the students visualize concepts, and sketched a two-dimensional object space of the existing problems, in solving the problems associated with the incorporation of mathematical principles contained in the concept, and the students' knowledge according to students' ability to recall concepts that have been held so mengasilkan an idea to solve the existing problems. Students are able to use the concepts and principles of mathematics in solving the problems that students are able to make conclusions from the results of the settlement. Students are able to explain or memperesentasikan his work. Keywords: Cognitive elaboration Model, Process Abstraction, Mathematics Concepts, Principles of Mathematics,.