Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Student Facilitator And Explaining terhadap Hasil Belajar Matematika Siswa


This research aims to determine the completeness of the results of learning mathematics students VIII SMP Negeri B.Srikaton academic year 2017/2018 after applied model of cooperative learning type Student Facilitator and Explaining (SFaE). This type of research is experimental, with the design used is pre-test and post-test group design. The population in this study is all students of class VIII SMP Negeri B.Srikaton which amounted to 258 students. One class was taken randomly, that is class VIII.6 was 37 students as experiment class. The result of the research is the final score of the analysis using the t-test. The average score on mathematics learning outcomes is 81.57. Based on the results of data analysis with significant level α = 0.05 obtained tcount = 6.41 and ttable = 1.69 because tcount > ttable, then obtained the conclusion that the Application of Cooperative Learning Model Type Student Facilitator and Explaining (SFaE) on Student Learning Outcomes Mathematics Class VIII SMP Negeri B.Srikaton Lesson Year 2017/2018 completed significantly. Keywords: Cooperative Learning Model Type Student Facilitator and Explaining (SFaE), Learning Outcomes.