Missauri Mathematics Project Berbasis Soal Open Ended terhadap Kemampuan Komunikasi Matematika


The objective of the study was to know the influence of missouri mathematic project model based open-ended questions toward students' mathematics communication ability. The population of the study was all seventh graders of SMP Negeri 8 Lubuklinggau in academic year of 2018/2019 meanwhile the sample of this study was selected randomly. The data collection used  two essay tests namely pre-test to know  students' mathematic ability before following learning process and post-test after following learning process. The data analysis used normality test, homogeneity test, and t-test. Based on t-test analysis result with α = 0.05, found that t-value>t-tabel (6,92> 1,67), so it can be concluded that there is influence of learning model of missouri mathematic project based on open-ended questions toward students' mathematic communication ability of seventh graders of SMPN 8 lubuklinggau. Keywords: Missouri mathematic project, open-ended, communication ability