Penerapan Model Think Pair Share pada Pembelajaran Fisika


The purpose of the research was to apply the think pair share model in learning physics. The type of research was  a quasi-experimental design with a pre-test and post-test group. The population was all students of class VII which consisted of 3 classes and the total number was 95 students. The sample was taken randomly and the selected class was class VII.2 with total number 32 students. The data collection was a test technique that was analyzed using the t-test at significant level. Based on the result of t-test, the result of t-value (2.05)> t table (1.71), so that the physics learning outcomes using the Think Pair Share model was significantly achieved. The average of student learning outcome was 67.85 and the percentage of students who achieved standard minimum criteria was 81.25%. In conclusion, the implementation of the think pair share model was very appropriate in learning physic. Keywords: Think Pair Share, Learning Outcomes, Physics.