Konsep Komunikasi Pendidikan dalam Alqur`An Surat Lukman


This study aims to examine the concept of educational communication in alqur`an letter Lukman. This research is designed using qualitative approach by applying literature research method. The data used in this study comes from primary data and secondary data, while the primary data are the Qur'anic Manuscript of Lukman and supported by the hadiths of the Prophet relevant to the research problem, while the secondary data comes from books, magazines and written documents. The conclusion of this study reveals that the concept of educational communication in Surat Lukman is indicated by the dialogical atmosphere between father and son in an effort to achieve the salvation of life in the world and in the hereafter. The term dialogis here indicates that there is an element of communication between two people, in this case father and son. Father is a communicator or initiator of ideas in planning the atmosphere of the dialogue. But also he is at the same time the listener (in feedback dialogue) so that he at once became a communicant Keyword: Education Communication, al-Qur`an Surat Lukman