Studi Pembuatan Biskuit Fungsional dengan Substitusi Tepung Ikan Gabus dan Tepung Daun Kelor


The objective of the study was to find out the content of macro and micro nutrient in kelor leaves biscuits flour and snakehead fish. The study was an experimental study which was conducted at the laboratory. The instruments used were blender, filter, oven, chopping block, knife, basin, panic, gloves, stove, baking pan, flat basket, mixer, small plate, weighing scale, and triangle plastic. The result of the study indicated that out of 6 formula from the product which has the highest value, such as based on organoleptic test, with hedonic test method, was formula B5. Then the macro and micro nutrient of the formula was analyzed. The result of the analysis showed the water content was 5,04 % in the biscuits. The ashes content was 1,60%. The fat content was 31,67%. The protein was 19,24%. The carbohydrate was 42,74%. The analysis result on the micro nutrient showed the. Magnesium was 12,69%, Calsium 96,06 %, Zn 0,04%, Vitamin C 69,99%, Vitamin A 259,4%, Fosfor 19,92%. In conclusion, kelor leaves biscuits flour and snakehead fish, which was produced, contain some nutrients which meet the SNI requirements of biscuits production. Keywords: kelor leaves , snakehead fish, biscuits