The purpose of this research was to know the nutritional intake of hemodialysis patients at RSUD DR. Pirngadi Medan. This research was a quantitative research using descriptive method. The informants’ nutritional intake was measured using the last 24 hours food record sheets. The study involved 92 informants where the informants were selected according to the inclusion criteria. The results of this research presented the characteristics of the majority informants aged 45-54 years old were 37 people (40.2%), male informants were 48 people (52.2%), high school as the highest education were 42 people (45.7%) and the jobless were 73 people (79.3%). The majority of informants with the married status were 70 people (76.1%), the majority of informants have undergone hemodialysis> 3 years i.e. 48 people (52.2%) and the majority of diseases lead the informants undergo hemodialysis, i.e. hypertension, were 52 people (56.5%). The informants with good nutritional intake were 64 people (69.6%). Hemodialysis patients at DR. Pirngadi Medan had a nutritional status disorder that puts them at risk of complications due to nutritional deficiencies that can reduce their quality of life. The nurses in the hemodialysis unit were expected to provide continuous education on nutrition and to provide a comprehensible diet pocket book. Keyword : nutritional  status, patients, hemodialysis