Aplikasi Metode Chaid dalam Menganalisis Kecendrungan Penelitian Skripsi Mahasiswa pada Program Studi Pendidikan Matematika


This study aims to identify, analyze and map the results of students’ research on mathematics education in 2015-2018. This research used the CHAID algorithm that consists of 3 steps ie merging, splitting and stopping steps. The results of this research were (1) In 2015-2018, 51,9% of the students’ research used the classroom action research and 48,1% else used the descriptive, the analysis and the experiment. (2) 14,1% of the students used media for teaching and learning and 3,7% of them did not. (3) 8,1% were individual research and 5,9% were a collaboration or team research. (4) While the level of school and subject taught in schools did not effect the trend of student research.