Designing Worksheet Using Authentic Material to Teach Reading Based on Discourse View


Abstract Reading process is not only an activity of pronouncing sentences but it tends to comprehensive process in understanding text and context of a certain topic. For instance, when we are reading a text about travelling we are trying to understand the vocabulary of the topic by recalling our knowledge to the topic. In teaching and learning process, reading is categorized as productive skill. This skill demands the students and the teachers to be more active in finding and giving information. The most authentic and real information can be obtain from authentic materials. Therefore, authentic materials (brochure, news paper, and leaflet etc) can be used as teaching media. However, the implementation of authentic material in teaching and learning process can be misleading, it is because authentic material provides reality level of English, up-to-date, provide certain context and directly relevant to certain need. In this case, teacher needs to arrange the activity for teaching and learning process more understandable contextually and lexically. This research is conceptual study of designing activity in the classroom through worksheet. The worksheet is designed based on discourse analysis. Therefore, the worksheet consists of three activities. The first activity starts from the small think of the text, lexis. Activity 1 and 2 tries to measure students’ ability in identifying reiteration lexis, synonym. Activity 3 is considered as macro skill, it tries to measure student ability in finding information explicitly and implicitly. Activity 4 is also macro skill of reading. In this activity students are encouraged to recognize the communicative function of written text according to form and purpose   Keywords: Worksheet, Authentic Materials, Reading, Discourse Analysis