Pemikiran Ibn Jauzi Tentang Pendidikan Jiwa


<p>lbn Jauzi sees that soul which constitutes the essence of human being is divided into three important elements which influence each other. They are the element of reason, of anger, and lust or passion. Reason is of two sides, a virtuous side of it is knowledge and the vicious one is ignorance. The element of anger similarly has two faces, the good and the bad. The good side of it is firmness, while the bad side is cowardice. The passion also consists of two aspects. Its good aspect is that it keeps soul from something bad or negative, whilst its bad aspect is that its inability to control itself from the temptation of the soul. According to Ibn Jauzi, the important thing in education is that it educates soul which is in essence is to purify it from anything which can tarnish at so that at become pure and (nafs thahirah).</p>