Pendidikan Kedewasaan Perspektif Pendidikan Islami menurut Abdullah Nashih Ulwan dan Implementasinya di Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo


<p>Maturity is a universal problem, it is a product of the educational process. Education is essentially aimed at making a slaved of Allah as good and perfect man. According to Naqueb al- Attas, goodness is a condition that is true, accurate and balanced. Relating this, the concept of maturity education is an effort to instill the values and maturity dimensions become better. It means, the dimensions of spirituality, physical, moral, emotional, social and intellectual integrated, true, accurate and balanced. The purpose of this study is analyse Abdullah Nashih Ulwan’s concept of maturity and its implementation in Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo (PDMG). The study used a qualitative approach, because of the nature of the data and qualitative analysis. The main data source in this studies is maturity thoughts on various books of Abdullah NashihUlwan , especially ‘Tarbiyyatul Aulad fil Islam’. The rresearch is continueded by getting the assesment of PMDG documentation, which is reinforced by the results of interviews and field observations . The application of the concept maturity in Islamic education according to Abdullah Nashih Ulwan in PDMG is exactly right. The whole concept of maturity and adulthood educational curriculum has been implemented in PDMG. Although, it was not recognized or declared as an educational curriculum maturity. With all lackness and advantages PDMG has proved its ability in the management of the educational process, to actualize the vision and mission. as an education institutions to create the leader of Ummat, became a place of worship and a source of religion knowledge and public-spirited while still defend the pesantren soul PDMG with all of their action in creating the maturity and independent students is worthly appreciated, that can not be done much better by other educational institutions. The application of Maturity Education curriculum has been implemented in PDMG, it can be observed in the KMI activities and field care . There is no dichotomy of science in Pondok Gontor. General Curriculum is integrated with Islamic education, co-curricular, extra-curricular, sunnah-sunnah of pondok and disciplinary. The things that help the realization of the vision and mission of Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor such as: activities in the dorm 24 hours monitored closely, language training and habituation, prioritizing intellect than the intellect scholars who know the religion, preparations of life skill and self-reliance, preparation as a teacher and or leader, sustainable regeneration system, and others .</p><p>Keyword: Darussalam Gontor, Nasih Ulwan, Pendidikan Kedewasaan</p>