Pendekatan Linguistik Syahrur Pada Ayat Poligami


This paper discusses Syahrur’s  linguistic approach to verse polygamy interpretation, there are 3 assumptions with this approach. First, there is no synonym (muradif) in Arabic. then he explores the text from etymology to morphology and redefines texts. Secondly, Syahrur rejects the idea of atomization (ta'diyah), even he interprets each verse of the Qur'an based on the assumption that each verse belongs to a single unit within a larger unitary entity in Kitab. This method is called intratextuality method. Third, the syntagmatic-Paradigmatic he used it as the weapon in searching the meaning that existed in a text editor. The use of this analysis is helpful in shaping the formulation of different legal results from synchronous; searching for the structural relation of each element of language until Syahrur's attempt to trace the root of the word in the verse or called diachronic. the first result of the conclusion according to Syahrur is polygamy depend on him that the solution of social problems is not the arena of the fulfillment of biological needs. Polygamy is considered a means to provide protection for widows who have orphans. The rules that the second, third and fourth wives of a widow who has orphans. The second result is justice according to Syahrur is not fair to wives but children (children of husbands with orphans of married women).