Desease Identification In Plant Leaf Image of Chili (Capsicum Annum (L)) Using Image Processing and Automated Colour Equalization (ACE) Algorithm


The world of agriculture becomes one of the vital objects and one of the promising business prospects. To obtain optimal agricultural yield, the process of plant care and the way of planting should be really - maximal, because the main key in seeking maximum results in terms of quality and quantity. Harvest failures are the least desirable to farmers and crop failures are the number one scariest specter for cultivating farmers. Today's informatics technology has been developed in an effort to support increased yields in the agricultural sector. This study measured the level of accuracy of results ekstraksi texture and colour feature. This research method using SVM classification ( Support Vector Machine ) seeks image processing through analyzing with Automated Color Equalization (ACE). With this method the accuracy of the extraction results a combination of 80% texture features, color feature extraction, and a combination of 80% color feature texture