Classification of Pineapple Fruit Comosus Merr (Nanas) Quality Using Learning Vector Quantization Method


The demands of publics for these fruits Ananas Comosus Merr (Pineapple) became higher years to years because of the fruit has so many virtues for human healthy and the taste of this fruit is sweet and fresh. Therefore the pineapple farmers have to protect the quality and quantity of this plant in order to get high produce. This research help the pineapple farmers to classify to quality of pineapple fruits by using neural network with Learning Vector Quantization method which has 2 classes, such as: First quality (1st) and Second quality (2nd) quality. This method has 2 process they are : training process and testing process. To input data in the training and testing process are using uniformity, characteristic of varieties, the rate of aging, hardness, size, stem, crown, manure, destroyer, spoilage, rotten and the total solid content of the least was taken by observed the crop of pineapple farmers in the Teluk Batil village Sungai Apit district Siak Riau province. Learning Vector Quantization method automatically will classify the pineapple into their class. The result of the testing classification has gotten the accuracy 65.56% for the first (1st) quality and 34.44% for the second (2nd) quality. At the second testing has gotten 66.67% the accuracy for the first (1st) quality and 33.33% for the second (2nd) quality. At the third (3rd) testing has gotten 64.44% the accuracy for first (1st) quality and 35.56% for the second (2nd) quality.