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The purpose of this research is to explain about tawabi and find out the learning methods that are suitable for middle-level students and their application. And with this research is expected to expand the knowledge of educators and students in the field of science, especially in the chapter at-tawabi 'and the appropriate learning methods. And this type of research is library research using various books. Then all explanations by reading books related to the research title. And the researcher used the Wasfi method in this study, this research begins with an explanation of at-tawabi 'and its types and laws, from the explanation it can be concluded that the learning method that is suitable for the middle-level students and their application is based on the books in accordance with research. The results of this study are that there are 4 parts at-tawabi : annat, attaukd, al atf, and al badal. Annat consists of two types: annatussababiy and annatulhaqiqiy, attaukd there are two types: lafziy and manawiy. Whereas al'a?f consists of two parts: a?ful bayan and atfunnasaq (a?fun bil hurf). The letters a?f have nine: waw, fa ', summa, aw, hatta, am, lakin, bal, and la. Whereas the Badal consists of four parts: albadal almu?biq, badalu ba'din min kullin, badalul isytimal, albadal almubayyin lil mubdal minhu. And the learning method that is suitable for middle-level students is the inductive method, because the learning process is fast starting with mentioning vocabulary examples then an example explanation by discussing with students then drawing conclusions / rules from students with the help of the teacher. And the application with five parts: opening, giving examples, comparison, drawing conclusions and training.