Abstract: The role of religious education in actualizing justice and peace in Indonesia has been going on for a long time, along with the advent of Islam in Indonesia. However, it does not mean the role is completely finished. It is widely asserted that there were still anarchic action, injustice, intolerance and other destructive actions happened. In this void, the study on the role of religious education in actualizing justice and peace is interesting to do. This research was aimed at seeking the new light on Islamic education that could be used as standards for the development of religious education in efforts to achieve peace in Indonesian. This study used a qualitative approach by employing in-depth interviews, participation observation, and documentation as data collection methods. The  results of  this  study  revealed  that  firstly,  religion has a  fundamental role  in  the existence and continuity of  Indonesian. Secondly,  in  the era of regional autonomy and reformation, it was found that there was any significant improvement of the quality of religious education in which it was implemented consistently. Thirdly, in post-reformation, religious education took essential role as a place to build moral values of human resources to realize a sense of justice and peace in Indonesia.  ملسلا لوخد للخ ديعب نامز ذنم ايسينودنإ ف ملسلاو ةلادعلا قيقت ف ةينيدلا ةيبتلا رود ناك :صخلم  ةلابلا مدعو ،فنعلا ةرهاظ ءوشنب كلذو .دلا اذه لإ فقوتي ل رودلا اذه نإف كلذ مغرو .ايسينودنإ ف  ةيبتلا رود ف ةساردلا لازت لو .يمدتلاو داسفلا ةيلمع لإ ةهجوتلا ةطشنلاو ،حماستلا مدعو ،ةلادعلاب  ةيبتلا ف ديدلا ءوضلا ءاطعل ةساردلا هذه تيرجأ .اهب مايقلل ةقيش ملسلاو ةلادعلا قيقت ف ةيملسلا  ف ملسلا  قيقحتل  ةينيدلا  ةيبتلا  ةيمنتل  ارايعم  يه نوكت  نأ  نكيو  ،ةيملسلا  ةيبتلا  ةصاخو  ةينيدلا  ةظحللاو ،ةقيمعلا ةلباقلا قيرط نع اهتانايب عج بولسأو ،ةيفصو ةسارد ةساردلا هذه عونو .ايسينودنإ  بعشلا ةيرارمتساو دوجو ف لاّ عف رود نيدلل )1 : ةيلاتلا جئاتنلاب ثحبلا ىتأ .ةبوتكلا قئاثولاو ،ةكتشلا  )3 ،رارمتساب اهتدوج تّ قرت ةينيدلا ةيبتلا عقاو نإ حلصلاو ةقطنلا ةيللقتسا رصع فو )2 ،يسينودنلا  ىتح ةيقتلا ةيرشبلا دراولاو ةيركلا قلخلا ةيمنت عضوم ةينيدلا ةيبتلا تحبصأ ،يحلصلا رصعلا دعبو .ايسينودنإ ف ملسلاو ةلادعلا تققت