Indonesia is a nation inhabited by people with a background of religious, ethnic, and social groups. The one hand, this diversity becomes the social capital development of the nation, and on the other hand be the latent potential for social conflict. This is what makes the slogan of tolerance is not grounded to the community. The type of research that the author use a qualitative research technique is the analysis diskriptive analysis methods, data analysis process includes three phases, namely (1) description, (2) formulation, and (3) the interpretation. With research results, 1) Tolerance in this regard in line with the principles of Islamic law because, of all Muslims in Indonesia recognize the intellectual principle tolerance as a principle that should be protected or safeguarded in a pluralistic society. The attitude of tolerance is a manifestation of the principle of equality to engender the nature please help and social caring attitude among our fellow citizens, which in turn will bring forth a sense of unity and social solidarity is strong in the life of society.