Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Pemakaian Jilbab Di Kalangan Mahasiswi Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati Kota Cirebon


Islam represents the religion having system aqidah arranging all religious service to Allahof SWT and fellow being. Perhaps the inclusive of in it a dressy rule for people Islam morespecial for Muslimah. Dress muslim is obligation for Muslimah in running syari'at Islamthat is close aurat. This research aim to to know the factor influencing undergraduate indress muslim and to know the relation dress muslim with the understanding andcompliance run the other syari'at Islam. Technique of data collecting use the kuesionerpropagated to Self-Supporting University undergraduate of Universitas Swadaya GunungJati Cirebon. The result of research obtained by 64% undergraduate which dress muslimhave followed the religious education and 36% have never followed the religiouseducation. About 36% undergraduate feel fluent read the Al-Qur'An and 64%undergraduate is not fluent read the Al-Qur'An. There are positive correlation betweenuse jilbab with the other religious service execution. About 36% undergraduate dressmuslim influenced by the school, 21% undergraduate dress muslim of because directunderstanding of Islam teaching, and fresh 14% undergraduate dress muslim of because of parent motivation and environmental.