Efektivitas Penerapan Metode Qişşatu Al-Qur`Ānī Untuk Meningkatkan Akhlak Mulia Siswa Kelas IV SD Cirebon Islamic School (CIS) Full Day


Islamic vision of education is to promote the formation of a noble character of students. In fact, it has not been fully achieved. As evidenced by the mass media that include many adolescents who engage in premarital sex. Beyond the researchers conducted a preliminary study in CIS Elementary School Cirebon. The result is there are still many elementary school fourth graders CIS obligation unworked prayers. It is closely related to a noble character against God. One cause of the lack of success of Islamic Education in schools for vision is the problem of learning methods are monotonous and not touching the psychological aspects of students. As one alternative in solving these problems is the presence of a method that can instill high moral values in students. Quran story method is considered effective in instilling noble moral values to students. Methods story Qur'an have characteristics that are different from other methods. This study aims to determine whether the method Qur'an story has a significant influence on the development of a noble character. Taken population Elementary School fourth grade students of the CIS, with a cluster sampling technique that is in class IV Roudhoh and class IV Multazam. The design was experimental design really. There are two classes, namely the control class and experimental class. Grade control using conventional methods, while the experimental group was treated using the method Qur`an story. Do pretest and posttest for both classes to assess the noble character of students. The hypothesis is that the Quran story method significantly influences the development of the noble character of students. Tests conducted by the independent samples t-test to compute t and t see table at the significance level of 0.05 with NU = 26. The result t is greater than t table (2.18> 1.71). This indicates that the hypothesis is accepted. Thus, the method Qur`an story significant influence on the development of a noble character of students.