Upaya Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Mata Pelajaran Akidah Akhlak dengan Menggunakan Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Naturalistik Eksistensial Spiritual


Learning outcomes are very important for every student, parent, teacher andschool. Learning outcomes are a tool for students to gain an appreciation and a betterlife. The learning result of morality is not only concerned with the cognitive aspect, butalso emphasizes the affective and psychomotor aspects. Using this naturalisticexistential-based expression model can improve student learning outcomes. Bothlearning outcomes from aspects of cognitive (knowledge), affective aspects (morals) andpsychomotrik aspects (skills / skills). The intelligence of students has the potential toimprove learning outcomes. No exception on the subject Akidah Akhlak, which is inneed of understanding and implementation of the contents of teaching materials. Suchintelligence is naturalistic existential and spiritual. It is concluded that these threeintelligences are dominantly average owned by the students. When associated withsubjects of moral aqid and learning model, existential natural and spiritualisticintelligence is very relevant to teaching materials and learning frames. It appears thatstudent learning outcomes are increasing with the use of this existential spiritualisticbased naturalistic learning model. Increased learning results seen from good moralsand good students in accordance with existing norms. Also seen from the results ofunderstanding through the evaluation of side.