Internet is a contemporary solution to keep people connected to the outside world. A lot of experience will be gained from something you never knew before. Everyone is entitled to the right science because the demand for science is long live education, the other term is life for science. Through the internet a person's ability to reach distant places in just a few seconds, so fast as to make the world already in the grip. The presence of the Internet creates its own contradictions, on one hand its presence produces many positive sides, one of the benefits is there is an opportunity to access new knowledge and can work to be meaningful to fellow human beings around the world. But on the other hand the internet also has a negative impact, because it damages morale and development in children in particular. The Internet provides a free opportunity to explore with privacy, raising the question of whether the exploration is on the right track or on a deviant course. This study used descriptive qualitative method with phenomenalogy analysis involving several family members. Data collection through snowball sampling technique to get saturated data. The result of the research in this journal is that the internet in its use can be controlled through parent's mentoring, special approach with certain tricks and steps, and educators and parents also need to know internet usage, so that children activities can be controlled well