PEMIKIRAN EKONOMI ISLAM MUHAMMAD SYAFI’I ANTONIO (ANALISIS TERHADAP PERBANKAN SYARIAH DI INDONESIA) Muhammad Syafi’i Antonio’s Islamic Economic Thought (An Analysis Towards Sharia Banking In Indonesia)


Muhammad Syafi’i Antonio is a popular figure in the development of sharia banking in Indonesia. This study is intended to examine and describe specifically his thoughts on sharia banking in Indonesia. The approach used is library study whose primary source is derived from his monumental works. The findings of this study show that his thoughts on sharia banking in Indonesia are based on his thinking that bank interest will make miserable and destroy society because there is an injustice element (dzulmun), besides its prohibition of usury (riba) in al-Quran. In contrast to the usury (riba) system, the sharia economic system has the main characteristic of profit sharing financing (profit sharing (mudhârabah) and joint venture (musyârakah) which includes profit sharing and loss sharing shared by the capital provider and entrepreneur. The practice of sharia bank has a high risk because it manages the large amount of public money. Therefore, it is required a strict supervision both from internal and external parties to maintain trust in society. The sharia supervisory board is a clear evidence of the bank’s supervisor to always apply the principles of sharia in all its activities.