SEJARAH DAN STRATEGI DAKWAH IKHWANUL MUSLIMIN (The History and Strategy Da’wah of Ikhwanul Muslimin)


Ikhwanul Muslimin is one of the Islamic organizations that influenced on the Islamic world. This organization had inspired and affected various Islamic movements in many countries including Indonesia. This research aims to understand the history and strategy of dakwah conducted by Ikhwanul Muslimin. This study utilizes a library research by searching data from books about Ikhwanul Muslimin as the primary source, and other related books and articles as the secondary sources. Findings of this research show that the dakwah of Ikhwanul Muslimin are divided into four steps as follows; firstly, the pioneering phase (1928-1932) is marked with the building of madrasah, ma’had school, publishing magazine, and building an orphanage. Secondly, training and development stage (1932-1939), it is done by dakwah and studies at mosques and publishing newspaper. Thirdly, the phase of development and struggling (1939-1952); in this period they published al-Ikhwan magazine, creating an usrah and nizham khos system. Fourthly, revolution phase (1952-1954); it is marked with the building of Friday school and the development of Jawwalah activities.