This research is conducted to identify the condition of libraries in Madrasah Aliyah (MA), whether they have fulfilled the national standard criteria of a library. This study uses the quantitative approach survey method and conducted in 9 provinces; West Java; Easst Java; Central Java; North Sumatera; NTB; South Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, NTT, and Maluku. This research indicates that the libraries in Madrasah Aliyah have not fulfilled the National standard criteria “Standar Nasional Perpustakaan” (SNP) and the lack of fulfillment is calculated by the percentage of 49,6%. Among 7 variables of the research; the goal and use, the standard human resource, standard facility, standard collection, standard establishment and development of the library, 60,8% only belongs to the variable of standard establishment and development which is considered adequate for the SNP. On the other hand, the lowest variables in fulfilling the SNP are; the standard of facility, human resource, and goal and use of the library. One of the prominent factors of the SNP’s lack fulfillment is the ineffective policy by the head of Madrasah in establishing libraries.