Pengaruh Surfaktan Biner Cetil Trimetil Amonium Bromida (CTAB)- Hexametilen Triamin (HMT) pada Pembentukan Perak Nanorods menggunakan Katalis Natrium Hidroksida


Nanoparticles have different physical properties and more interesting than that of bulk material. Nanoparticles are highly preferred for applications in various technologies as a catalyst, the raw material of electronic components, and as an antimicrobial agent. The aim of the research is synthesize of silver nanorods.  The effect of a binary surfactant CTAB-HMT on the morphology and homogeneity were investigated using UV/Vis spectrophotometer, TEM, and XRD. Base on the UV/Vis spectra and TEM morphology, silver nanoparticles have two types, spherical and rods shapes.  The best product of nanorods was obtained  at the composition of CTAB 0.15 M : HMT 0.15 M. The structure of nanorods obtained were face center cubic (fcc).