POTRET HARMONI KEHIDUPAN BERAGAMA: Studi Komperatif Relasi Islam-Buddha di Desa Tlogowungu, Kaloran, Temanggung dan Desa Blingoh, Donorojo, Jepara


The inter-religious harmony is not a rare thing in Indonesian society, there are a lot of practice at the grassroots level, which show that the Indonesian people are able to build religious harmony. However, due to the rise of religiously motivated violent incidents, both the case of intra-religion and inter-religious, and global-scale violence, the peaceful images of Islam are slowly replaced by the religious issues that are less encouraging. Based on that irony, this study tries to show a portrait of interfaith harmony between Islam and Buddhism in two different places; Tlogowungu, Temanggung and Blingoh, Jepara. Although both remain predominantly Muslim region, but the region becomes the centre of Buddhist people which is growing rapidly. This study shows that religious harmony between Muslims and Buddhists has a long historical roots. In addition to each doctrinal aspects of religion, the driving force of harmony also came from the role of local wisdom that exist in each region. Muslims and Buddhists are also equally establish relations of coexistence between religions patterned or mutually support the existence of each religion and cooperative patterns or work together in real.