PEMEROLEHAN BAHASA ANAK USIA 3 BULAN — 2 TAHUN (Studi Kasus pada Muhammad Zaini)


This study aims to describe and explain the first syllableand words or phrases spoken by Muhammad Zaini fromthe age of 3 months to 2 years of age. This study uses alongitudinal approach with observing and recordingtechniques. The theory used in this study is the theory ofthe language acquisition from Steinberg, Nagata, and Alineand Crystal. This research is also supported by theory offirst utterance phases from Steinberg, Nagata, and Alineand Piaget. The researcher manages to find the first syllableacquired by Muhammad Zaini, namely ma [mل]. This studyalso found other syllables Muhammad Zaini obtained afterthe first syllable, i.e bah ‘father’, a ‘eat’, tah ‘vomit’, dah‘finished’, da ‘three’, dai ‘cake’, ti ‘extinguished’, and pu‘lights’. After acquiring syllables, then later MuhammadZaini obtain such word abah ‘father’, totot ‘baby bottle’, inah‘which means no or do not’, lalai ‘do not’, emma ‘mother’,mother, kaka ‘brother’, I, edah ‘already’, atit ‘ill’, eka or keka‘open’, deda or kededa ‘no’, uah ‘fruit’, babah ‘sleep’, uka orkuka ‘open’, atu ‘ghost’, au ‘smell’, apu ‘light’ tutut ‘lid’, mau‘want’, kukura ‘turtle’, ame ‘crowd’, auh ‘far’, dada ‘no’, manas‘hot’, ngin ‘cold’ lalas ‘hard’, obiy ‘car’, babaluh ‘deep pool’,abis ‘end or finish’, aju ‘forward’, sawat ‘airplane’, and wak‘fish’. In addition there are also phrases, namely abah…ku‘my…father’, mama…ku ‘my...mother’, kaka...ku ‘…brother’, sakit babarut ‘stomach ache’, ta api ‘train’, andmati puaw ‘die back or die again’.