Tasybi>h dalam Puisi “Ba>nat Su‘a>d” Karya Ka’b bin Zuhair


Poem "Ba>nat Su'a>d" is a masterpiece by the poet of Ka’b bin Zuhair. The Poem was delivered directly in front of The Prophet Mohammad. This article aims at exploring the elements of tasybi>h in the poem. The poet uses tasybi>h in expressing his feelings about Su'a>d, na>qah, The Prophet Mohammad., muhajirin and the unbelievers. This research breaks down the elements of beauty in this poetry. It can be concluded that the exposure through the used forms tasybi>h, the poet really managed to achieve the goals/ Garad}} of his poetry marked with the provision of forgiveness from The Prophet Mohammad. That is why, the poem was awarded a burdah directly by the The Prophet Mohammad.