Penerjemahan Teks Suci: Analisis Ketepatan Terjemahan Istilah Kecendekiaan Dalam Alquran dan Terjemahnya


This research aims to determine the accuracy of the translation of scholarly terms, namely  ulu> al-albāb, ulu> al-‘ilm, ulu> al-nuhā, and ulu> al-abṣār in the holy scripture of Alquran and its translation, published by the Department of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. In addition,the  factors influencing the accuracy of the translation is analysed. To meet the aim, the data on scholarly terms and their translations were collected using Q-soft ELRA software version 1.0.0. The data were then analysed semantically by comparing both the lexical and contextual meanings in their source and target languages. Based on the analysis and discussion, it is found that the terms ulu> al-albāb, ulu> al-‘ilm, ulu an-nuhā, and ulu> al-abṣār are translated in various ways. Ulu> al-albāb and ulu> an-nuha are translated quite accurately, ulu> al-‘ilm accurately, and ulu> al-abṣār rather inaccurately. The levels of accuracy are influenced by the translation techniques that is used, cultural differences, and inaccuracy in understanding the lexical meanings. The four terms describe the semantic relations from the most specific to the most general, namely ulu> al-albāb, ulu> al-nuhā, ulu> al-abṣār, and ulu> al-‘ilm respectively.