In the Koran study, the word of “tafsir” is independent meaning. It has, at least, three categories based on it`s meaning: (1) tafsir as a scientific lesson study (ilm al-tafsir), (2) tafsir as a method (manhaj al-tafsir), and (3) tafsir as a product of study (al-tafsir). An identity of contemporary tafsir usually relates to the history that takes place and to the modern era. The characteristic of tafsir usually recognizes the Koran as a life guide. The approach system in interpretting something tends to analyst and contextual. Tafsir as a process will not be end, final, and maximal. The necessary for this one will go on continuously and need rethinking interpretation. The product of contemporary tafsir study is not initially a product without critic and response including approach and method that are developed in inner interpretation. Unfortunately, contemporary tafsir often comes to controversy both in internal muslim interpretation and in other side. In contemporary tafsir, there are various characteristics of tafsir shown here. They are (1) considering the Koran as a guide book, (2) interpreting with hermeneutic orientation, (3) applying contextualization, (4) The Koran- oriented spirit, (5) scientific, (6) full critics reason, and (6) non-sectarian.